Lead generation, one of the most sought-after services today. Many companies and individuals who contact us want to know how they can acquire more leads. Of course, the major purpose of acquiring leads is to always convert them into sales.

Presently, through leads, we can do the segmentation that we intend, as well as, go nurturing these contacts, through digital marketing strategies. What you have to realize before anything is that you can’t just want a lead and find some way to generate them. It doesn’t work that way.

As with many other services within digital marketing, there must always be careful planning and a clear distinction between proposals. Therefore, generating leads for Business to Consumer (B2C) business strategies is not the same thing as generating leads for B2B (Business to Business).

Why is lead generation important?

Lead generation is critical to the growth of any company/business. Because, we are talking about attracting customers for a particular product or service. In this way, this generation will have a direct impact on the sales of most companies. Different companies with which we work managed to grow their business, but also their billing. All this is due to the large volume of leads and the high quality of them.

1. What is lead generation via Facebook Ads?

Here, ads appear, not only in the Facebook feed but also on Instagram, Marketplace, videos, stories, among others. On this platform, the generation of leads is not done based on keywords but rather interests, behaviors, demographics, age, country, and language. Later, the user is directed to the website or to a landing page, in which they will find a form to fill out, thus generating the contact.

2. Lead generation via Google Ads

Through this type of platform, we probably have the most qualified leads. This is because we can show targeted ads around keywords that customers search for. Let’s imagine, an individual who is looking for a branding service. A natural step is that you do a web search to see which is the best that companies perform this service.

And that’s exactly what lead generation is all about via google ads. The individual searched google for the term “branding service” and our company appeared in the first results because this is one of the keywords chosen.

Later and as with the generation of leads via Facebook, the user is directed to the website or a landing page in which he will find the form to fill out, thus generating the contact. Best of all on this channel is that we only pay when the user clicks on the ad.

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