Today’s business world is a whirlpool of rapid changes and innovative strategies! If you want to keep up with this change and improve your strategies, this article is for you.

In this article, I will talk about the questions we need to ask ourselves as a company and employees, our strategies, how we can gain a “Customer Focused” perspective, the difficulties and ways to establish healthy communication with the customer, as we should always keep the customer at the center of our development plans.

What is Customer Orientation?

“Customer orientation” is still one of the most popular and needed concepts in the developing business world. In fact, every organization exists to be customer-centric, to meet the specific needs of its customers, to solve their problems and to meet their demands. However, in order to keep our principle of “Seeing the World Through the Eyes of the Customer”, which is the secret of our survival and being indispensable in the challenging competitive conditions of the business world, we should always ask ourselves some questions and we should not aim to move ourselves further with this method.

By establishing close and warm relationships with its customers, a customer-oriented company invests in both its own and its customer’s success. As a result, they continue on their way happily with more loyal customers than their competitors.

In fact, being a customer-oriented company is not easy. Customers are constantly changing and the wishes of existing customers are constantly changing. Although it is sometimes tiring to comply with this process as a company or team, you have to achieve it. For this, working with people who have experience in your sector in your teams will enable you to maintain a similar or similar perspective to customers.

Let’s take a look at the questions we should ask ourselves as employees and as a company…

⦁ How do we communicate with our customers and how well do we understand their expectations?

The way to understand is to listen! A customer-oriented company must first analyze the wishes and demands of its customers well. For this, it is essential that the employees who deal with the customers are very good listeners.

We should not forget that it is extremely important for our representation to approach every issue from our customers with common sense, to empathize and to listen by making them feel that their ideas are important to us. In line with this information, we take care to establish close and solid ties with our customers, and we guarantee that we will always be with them with an objective point of view.

Because understanding expectations is possible only through correct communication and active listening.

At what level are our customers’ commitment to our company? How can we increase it?

You are worth it! People feel safe and valuable where they can communicate well. Customers who realize that they are adequately cared for and understood will be much more loyal to the company from which they purchase services, and in this way, they will develop feelings of trust.

At this point, we should make our customers feel that our priority is to gain people and trust.

In the sum of these, to the customer serving; quality, support, reliability, speed of improvement, etc. It should make the subjects feel very well. In fact, real customer loyalty passes through these items.

How should the relationship be for customer satisfaction?

Tell customers what you can do, not what you can’t do! One of the cornerstones of customer satisfaction is to receive feedback from the customer effectively. However, it will be possible to determine to what extent the service provided in this way meets customer expectations and to take necessary measures. We should be open to cooperation with customers and exchange ideas. Remember that everyone has something to learn from each other.

Suggestions for Efficiency of Customer Focus

Provide fast solutions to customer needs
Develop your product with your customers
Make the customer part of your brand
No limits on support
Build trust with your customers
Adapt quickly to changes in your industry
Get feedback from your customers periodically
Support your team with trainings
Organize with your customers
While applying the elements that will provide the above customer-oriented approach, take care to have this understanding as a team. This union will allow you to travel faster.

Finally, know your customers very well. You must discover the real needs of your customers so that you can offer them the most accurate service.

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